30 Seconds Forever (Eng)


Director: Sunny
Duration: 3 min sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: What would you do if you only had 30 seconds to live, forever?

Shot on: Sony Cybershot DSCW-120
Edited with: Windows Movie Maker
Approximate budget: About three rupees for the props and an approximately 10 rupees for the petrol.
Completed in: August 2010

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Director Bio

An engineering student from Bangalore who feels movies are more real than life.

Cast and Crew Bio

Misguided and helpless friends of the director.

Director's Statement

Existential ennui is something we all face at some point in our lives. This movie is just an exploration into the deep realms of boredom.

Contact Info

E-mail: sunnythechanger@gmail.com

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