Addi Tail (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director: M. Balaji
Duration: 8 min 03 sec
Genre: Children's, Drama
Synopsis: Playing cricket in the beach has been banned. Now the local boys have nowhere else to play. But will this dampen their spirits?
Festival selections:
a. International short film and documentary film festival of Kerala, 2010
b. International Children’s film festival of India, Lucknow

Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Avid Xpress Pro
Approximate budget: Rs. 50, 000
Completed in: January, 2010

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Director Bio

M.Balaji is an independent short film-maker. Studied Editing and Sound design in L.V.Prasad film and TV academy. But wrote, directed and produced short films independently. His short films have participated in numerous festivals in India. He participated in the Sony pix reality show “Gateway to Hollywood”. He also participated in the Kalaignar tv short film show called “Nalaya Iyakunar” and won the awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay. He is now working on the script of his First feature film.

Director's Statement

This film comes as a reaction to the ban on playing cricket in Chennai’s Marina beach.

Contact Info

Cell: 09884463228

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