Aficionado (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director: Prince Richfield
Duration: 6 min 2 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: An admirer
Synopsis: The director's emotional response to murder of Veluppillai Prabhakaran.
Festival selections and awards won: Selected as the Best Short Film by director Nagabaranna in Point Blank, a short film festival conducted in Bangalore.

Shot on: Sony PD 170
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Adobe Creative Suite 4
Approximate budget: Rs 3000
Completed in: 2010

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen

DirectorDirectorThe USP of Aficionado is that it is an autobiographical film, like most Bergman films. It is a good development - instead of scribbling their emotions in personal diaries or translating them to poetry, people are converting them to frames and visuals. Prince has succeeded in doing it an interesting way. The hand-held look, jump cuts and effective use of overexposure create a mood appropriate to the theme. Acting, cinematography and editing are above average. It was a good decision to keep the friends and the lover offscreen as they mouthed their opinions. But, there are some flaws in the execution:

  • More readable fonts could have been used for titles and subtitles. Fat fonts are very unreadable when they appear in the small YouTube frames.
  • The movie could have been much more legible if the first shot of the news item was presented in a clearer way.
  • The opening caption could have been "He is so much on me that I am his"
  • The play with the position of subtitles, the way Slumdog Millionaire did it, is interesting. But there are few grammatical errors and typos in them.
  • The over the shoulder shot of the newspaper (3.54) should have rather included the news about the killing.
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