Aftermath (Hin)


Director: Bahaish Kapoor
Duration: 7 min 36 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A man gets involved in a hit and run accident.

Completed in: 2008

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen
Unlike most short films, Aftermath has no twist in the climax. Though there is a killing, the movie is not presented as a suspense thriller, and the ending could be guessed in the first half itself. Rather, Aftermath is a simple tail about a father’s “accidental” killing of his son, with a contribution to the event from the wife/mother.


Aftermath has many characteristics of an excellent short film. When time and money are to be spent in the most cost effective way, a short film maker has to invent inexpensive-to-shoot frames with many layers of subtext. 02:37Consider the shot which shows the mother of Tinu’s friend - a simple, brief, static shot of a woman clutching the bed sheets as she talks about the missing boy conveys a lot about her anguish on hiding the bad news. On a practical level, the shot made the director’s job easier as he had one actor less to search for and probably pay. Another example is the way in which the accident is depicted – there is the sound of a collision, there is a shot of the crushed cycle as seen through the car’s rear glass, and there is some blood on the car and a crack on its front light. These simple elements work together to create a haunting effect which the fake accident scenes of most feature length movies cannot match.

Cut to the first flashback, to the shots of the accident, was a bit confusing. First we see Ayush coming in the car, getting down, inspecting the vehicle, and then there is the cut to the flashback. 00:5700:5701:2701:27However, as the car is now shown rushing forward, my first impression was that he has finished examining the car and is continuing his journey. On a closer look, the reason for the confusion becomes evident – both the first shot of the movie, and the first shot of the flashback, were shot in the same location. As Ayush is assumed to stop the car only at a safe distance from the accident spot, the two shots should have been taken in entirely different locations.


The parents’ reaction to the death/killing is depicted in a touching way, with the director and actors doing an excellent job of staying away from melodrama. Both the actors performed excellently. That is more impressive, when we consider the fact that the director himself handled the camera. Tripti Sharma performed splendidly - the anguish on her face was really genuine.


The camera language supported the narration in a brilliant way. Ayush, the father, is always trapped in the frames which come after the accident – something like the car, his wife’s head and shoulders, or the policeman’s body always squeezes him whenever he appears in the frames.


The script too could have been as crisp as the frames. After speaking to her friend, the mother tells the father: “Shaziya ka call dha, Tinu shayad bank road par hai”. We have already seen the telephone conversation onscreen, and know that it was Shaziya who called. Hence there was no point in repeating that information.


Bahaish usually presenting the titles of his films in very interesting ways (See The Legacy and Faded Secrets of Yesterday for examples). However, Aftermath needs improvement in this area. It is a good idea to show two titles in one frame, as done here, to maintain the crispness of a short movie. However, Papyrus was not the best font to convey the mood of this film. The font was seen in Priyadarshan’s Kanchivaram, and is suitable for movies like that with a somber tone, and not the ones like Aftermath where rapid cuts are used.

A title is split between “Bahaish Kapoor” and “Films Presents” – the split should have been between “Bahaish Kapoor Films” and “Presents”.


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A beautiful team effort. Touching screenplay and wonderful cinematography.


Swapnil (not verified)

Very Good film. Amazing camera work and wonderful direction.
Kudos to you Bahaish!

jayesh (not verified)

beautifully grippin, specially d tension in mother's face and d dguilt in d father's was beautifully made...
loved it!! :)

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