Akela (Hin, Eng S/t)


Director: Alka C Mehta
Duration: 7 min 14 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Random acts of kindness, one at a time.
Synopsis: An artist welcomes a most unusual guest, and both inspire each other.
Festival selections: Cannes Film festival 2008, India International Women Film Festival 2008.

Shooting Format: MiniDV
Completed in: August 2007

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About Alka C Mehta, the Director

Alka has worked her way up through the medias from a canvas, to computer, to film. The understanding of artistic, technical and organizational skills is her passion. She generally likes to write to give some food for thought without being preachy. All her stories are about life and the humane touch.


  • Never Been Touched – 27 minutes 15 seconds. It was made with support from Singapore Film Commission. It was about a woman who plans her life to avoid unhappiness and learns that life is what happens while you are busy planning it. Koh Chieng Mun played the lead role. The short was screened in many international short film festivals.
  • Catherine - 14 minutes – 16 mm Film – Rick Tan in lead, Corinne Adrienne
  • Do Good – 11 minutes
  • Appointment – 7 minutes
  • Akela (Alone) – 7 minutes
  • God's Own Devil - 14 Minutes - The movie is about the devil in all of us.

She has attended a documentary workshop with Hurmut Bithomsky from California College of Arts, and has produced a documentary on Western Cultural influence.

TV serials

  • A pilot episode of a TV serial- Ayiye Muskurayiye
  • Incredible Tales –few episodes with P5

Guest: Chander Gupt
Artist: Meghna Srivastava


Cinematographer: Alka C Mehta
Theme Poem: Syed haider Raza
Singer and Music Director: Gangadhar Mehta
Sound, Lights: Kavita Mehta
Editors: Hira Singh Yadav, Alka C Mehta

Director's Statement

Production StillWe are living at a time when loneliness is creeping in and more and more old people are left alone. Akela is based on the poem written by famous Sayed Haider Raza based in Paris. Chander visited him one Sunday afternoon, and Mr. Raza told him about his life and narrated a poem to him. The poem inspired us to make this movie on how we can help each other to overcome depression and loneliness.

Contact Info

Alka Mehta (Director): alkamehta03@yahoo.com
Chander Mehta (Producer): mehtacapt@yahoo.com

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mukesh chaturvedi (not verified)

The pain behind the laugh is clearly visible. I know and understand in the life's evening the feeling of loneliness ia very much disturbing, but we must find out our own way to make us happy, whwres the people around us do not bother about elders. CG acts very well. Alka you are too expressive, keep it up. This film touched me a lot.

I am touched

rana (not verified)

nice poem

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