Cat Story (Eng)


Director: Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Duration: 12 min 49 sec
Genre: Neo-noir
Synopsis: A man listens to a story written by a woman he just met - not prepared for the climax twists.
Festival selections: Official Selection @ FILCA 2011 International Film Festival, Kerala; Official Selection @ ICE Shot too Short Film Festival, Pune

Shot on: Canon 550D
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Approximate budget: Rs. 50,000
Completed in: March 2011

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Ali Akbar Campwala
Warning: This review contains spoilers.

Bravo to a team that decides to do an animation alongside narrative performances and also incorporates it into the plot. A good concept well executed!

1) Personally I think the animation in the film is much more intense and powerful than the making of the narrative scenes in the film. The story was gripping but personally the film would have been much more of a masterpiece, if the dialogues were more non-conventional than the normal day to day conversation pieces. If you have drawn inspiration from films like 'Pulp Fiction' you can see dialogues played a vital role in those films of Tarantino flicks. I think there was something missing in the film from the writer/ script point of view in the film. The animation part of the film overshadow the dialogue pieces of the film even with really convincing acting and strong characters. In my opinion the pace of the film was brilliant and it had more potential to be a masterpiece. The end came a little bit more sooner than expected without much explanation at all.
2) Cinematography wise the film was brilliant! Tip Top composition in almost all the scenes! Opening shot of the film just set up the film's pace quite brilliantly as well.
3) The actors were absolutely brilliant but I personally would have loved them more if they would have spoken the local language in the film. I liked the suspense created by each character and it was intriguing to watch them performing on the screen.
4) Overall in my opinion this is a film where animation beats every other achievements in the film. A good plot which could have been much much better to become a great masterpiece for an Indian short film.

Director Bio

Abhinav Sunder Nayak is a Visual Communication graduate who started out Directing & Editing Independent short films. Cat Story is his last directorial venture before he joined the LV Prasad Film &TV Institute for Film Direction course. Being a native of Calicut, Kerala, he is right now based in Chennai.

Director's Statement

Since our schooldays, I have been inspired by Tarantino and had always wanted to make a film in his style. This one is my humble homage to the master.

Contact Info

Editor/Director: Abhinav Sunder Nayak:
Cinematographers: Janardhan Iyer:
Karishma Thawani:
Music Director: Ayush Man Shrestha:


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