Cut! (Eng)


Director: Samrat Parmar
Duration: 8min 22sec
Genre: Thriller
Tagline: Making Movies can be injurious to health or may cause death.
Synopsis: A movie crew is making a horror film in the woods when they mysteriously start disappearing.

Shot on: Cannon 5D
Shooting Format: Digital
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Approximate budget: Rs. 8000\-
Completed in: March 2011

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Director Bio

Samrat Parmar, 24, completed his Bachelors in Mass Media from the Mumbai University and also worked for a indie feature as the 1st assistant to the Art Director during his second year. He then went to International Academy of Film and Television to study cinema for a year which he completed in August 2011. Since then he has directed 3 International music videos and many short films.

Director's Statement

The movie was entirely shot in a jungle an hour drive away from the city. It was really hard as a lot of creatures were crawling up on the crew and I myself got bitten by a spider. The shoot was to be completed in 38 hours as the budget was not enough,so the first day we ended up shooting for a straight 20 hours in the sun and the jungles too. As the Director, I never got to sleep as I was busy checking the dailies after the first day which ended at 4 am and the call time was 8:30 am the next morning.

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Phone : +91-886039089

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