Duality Show (Mal)


Director: Jijo S Palatty
Duration: 25 min 17 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A director shoots an experimental film after providing a different screenplay to each member of his cast.

Shooting Format: DVCAM
Edited with: Adobe Premier Pro
Completed in: February 2009

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Director's Statement

A documentary is a portrayal of reality while a feature film is fictitious. We all live in reality and act in fiction. Yet at times we are forced to act in real life making life fictitious. There comes fiction in reality. This film tries to explore the possibilities of this reality fiction dichotomy through an experimental plot revolving around the tension created by the differences in the two worlds a new immigrant lives in – the world he left behind and the world he lives in.

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E-mail: jijospalatty@hotmail.com

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ani (not verified)

This is a very intelligent attempt. I liked the way the movie is pictured. Leaves behind traces for brain to chew upon.

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