Few Minutes To Death (Eng)


Director: Akshay S
Duration: 18 min 59 sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: An amulet created way back in the 1860s travels 150 years to give the chill.

Shot on: Sony XR-100e and Nikon D5000
Edited with: Sony Vegas 9, Adobe After Effects
Approximate budget: Rs 10,000
Completed in: December 2010

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Director Bio

Passion has no ends so be it with the director who wanted to become a director/actor. He had to join the IT industry for living and soon made a little time for sketching his dreams to reality. Akshay also learnt editing, VFX and sound engineering with help of online tutorials.

He along with his friends Naveen, Prem and with extensive support from family started “Anamorphic Pictures Banner” under Vpro a company that would help all who would be interested in film making.

Director's Statement

The story is complete fantasy and does not co-relate with the history. We had many concepts and stories in hand and wanted to start off with one. When we used to narrate our stories, the audience usually used to giggle but when we narrated about Few Minutes To Death all were impressed, their impression gave us enough inspiration to Start Off. Once the script was ready we had to look for locations. South western Railways and the police department helped us a lot by allowing us to shoot in a remote railway crossing. Only 3 people were involved while shooting in the railways. Wholly, it was a very good experience and we learnt a lot from this. We have made major mistakes here and there but we are applying all our efforts not to commit them again in our next project. What we learnt in this project is when we are involving history much of research has to be done. In future all our projects will go live only after we have made sure that there are no mistakes.

We wanted our film to have the cinema look and we were looking out for video cameras that would shoot at native 24p. Prices were to the skies. At some point we found Nikon D5000 which had the feature to record in native 24p and also in HD. 90% of the movie was shot on Nikon D5000 and the remaining in Sony XR-100e

Contact Info

E-mail: akshayvajpey@gmail.com

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