House Guest (Eng)


Director: Irshad Kamil
Duration: 28 min 12 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A small time Bollywood director tries to exploit an aspiring young actress.

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Score: 4.8, Votes: 4

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acting by the male lead is good. may be his voice has been done well in the dubbing. he is able to maintain the viewer's interest.
during close up shots the lighting is not similar to the previous shot. when we see the close up of faces, there is more light in the room compared to when we see them together.
the initial part where protagonist gets the phone call doesnt sail smooth. lot of active interference to make it appear different.

i cannot understand why the director protagonist got so scared after she smokes marijuana. is it so alien and scary for him?

Fattgayaato Taakaamaaro (not verified)

I watched all three parts of the piece only to be left speechless by it's treatment and prowess of performances. House guest truly is an undiscovered classic, for shorts like this evoke a sense of wonder and amazement to each who attempts it.

It could be safely assumed that "House Guest" could easily make it to the top5 lists of the best that Asia-Pac has to offer.

The content is outstanding contested closely only by its cutting edge cinematography and surreal sound design. The bar of acting positions itself way above of what present Bollywood or Indie Hollywood has to offer.

Sanjay Malhotra has the face which could carry a thousand stories to blockbuster glory. His grip on the subtle nuances during states of intoxication and anxiety are nonparallel. His George Clooney like good looks may be deceptive cause he also packs a punch within him with seamless talent esp. his English dialog delivery and a unique pronunciation and extenuations. Beyond doubt the rising star of Indian shorts, maybe bollywood__who can tell !!

Edge of the seat thriller content written to perfection. The sparks of brilliance shoot out through the film [ esp. the dialogs]. The twist towards the third act blew my mind to bits. I would rate it in the order of "State of Play" or "Primer".

Direction is top slot as well. The candle search sequence was film academy syllabus stuff, totally. Also the decision to refer to related components was a breath of fresh air and a sign of metallic directorial resolve. [ waat= what /sister ="hello sister"/ house help=chodu/ beer=" I am having bear[ holding a beer pint in hand] / maarvaana= hemp/ almost leven=23:48 on the wall clock ___etc]

"DO"__so "DO vatt ?"
Goes to prove what great scriptwriting can "do" to a high concept idea. The sequence was well well crafted and had a chemistry of a nuclear plant operated for "peaceful purposes". A definite elevation to an already elite film.

People who complain of conceptual bankruptcy in Indian cinema should not miss this film any reason know to man. Comprehensively the best material on this site by a good mile and a half.

All the best and warm regds at Verygood productions.
Keep up the good work guys !
shine on.

Anonymous (not verified)

To watch it is to feel yourself lifted up to the heights where the cinema can take you, but so rarely does.The film is above all a consummate work of art, one that transcends the historically fraught context of its making, and its pleasures are unapologetically aesthetic. It reveals, excites, disturbs, provokes, but the window it opens is to human consciousness itself.

With this film, every layer that you peel away leads to something deeper and richer.It is an exhilaration from beginning to end. It's the movie equivalent of that rare sort of novel where you find yourself checking to see how many pages are left and hoping there are more, not fewer.

Brilliant and brutal, funny and exhilarating, jaw-droppingly cruel and disarmingly sweet...To watch this movie is to experience a near-assault of creativity.

An undiscovered gem which deserves to remain hidden forever!!!!!!!!!!! Mr.Irshad Kamil, Mr.Sanjay Malhotra,Mr.Arti Gupta take a bow & please remain bowed down forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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