Just A Moment (Hin)


Director: Mohammed Ali
Duration: 10 min 48 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Two young men preparing to celebrate their birthdays are brought face to face by chance.

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen

Just a Moment portrays the contrasts in the lives of two young men preparing to celebrate their birthdays, like safe and insecure environments, real and imagined threats, and brave and cowardly attitudes. Here are few thoughts on this short:

  • It is interesting to note that experimentation with plot is possible in the short film format. While Mission Zero has a nonlinear plot, Just a Moment goes one step further and successfully uses a multiplot narrative. The transitions between the storylines are smooth, due to clever use of matching sound effects, choreography, lighting, etc. Opening shots of the photographs and the subsequent pan to the urban boy's room was another interesting "transition".
  • The reporter’s query to the Kashmiri youth, “Agar aap ko bharath vaasiyon ko ek message dena hoga tho vo kya hoga?”, sounded contrived.
  • Most of the shots were well composed. However, the same composition was repeated for many shots in the house. More variety and elegance could have been introduced by using more closer shots from varying angles, using some interesting objects in foreground and background to enhance the compositions. (Thee Veenai Acham is a wonderful example of use of appropriate foreground objects to enhance compositions in an indoor location. )
  • Name of the TV channel is not shown.
  • Continuity error: The TV is shown as switched off when the urban boy falls down, and is again shown as switched on after few seconds.
  • The masked guy in the birthday party goes unnoticed in the first viewing. He should have been shown in a closer shot.
  • Both the lead actors did a good job.
  • The urban boy's fall did not look natural – the actor was even smiling when he was about to fall.
  • The actors who appeared in the birthday party scene should have been directed better.

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Monica (not verified)

wonderful attempt at drawing contrast between the many Indias we face today!

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