Kill (Eng)


Director: Sagar Megharaj
Duration: 10 min 14 sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: Your roommate awakens from his nap and announces that he just had a dream in which he killed you.
Festival selection: Kala Ghoda Festival 2012, Mumbai

Shot on: Canon 550D
Shooting Format: HD (720p)
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro
Approximate budget: Rs. 4000
Completed in: January 2012

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Director Bio

Sagar Megharaj completed his graduation from BITS, Pilani – Goa Campus in 2010 and is currently in his second year of post-graduation, doing his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has an interest in photography and movie-making, and made his first short movie at BITS as part of an elective course, Creative Multimedia, where he handled story development, direction, editing and music single-handedly. After that, he worked as the editor and camera-person for a short movie at IIMA before donning the director’s again with this project (KILL). He wants to continue making movies even after completing his education and hopes to get associated full-time with the film-industry soon.

Cast and Crew Bio

Smruti Soni (Screenplay) is the coordinator of the IIMACTS and has been associated with theater since her graduation days. She studied economics from the University of Delhi and was part of multiple Stage-Plays and Street-Plays during her graduation and at IIMA. She was also cast as one of the principal characters in the other short movie made by IIMACTS. Rahul Aggarwal (Assistant Director and Screenplay) also graduated from the University of Delhi and as part of IIMACTS has been primarily an actor and handles all logistical responsibilities. He has acted in two full-length Stage-Plays and a Street-Play at IIMA and plans to have a career in the theater world. Prabhav and Sudharsan (Actors) are engineering graduates from IIT, Madras and NIT, Trichy respectively and are currently in their first year at IIMA. They were associated with English Theater during their graduation and have acted in a full-length English Stage-Play at IIMA. Abhimanyu Kumar (Music & FX) graduated from IIT Guwahati and has been working with the Music Club of IIMA. He became a part of IIMACTS as the music guy for all our productions.

Director's Statement

This project was undertaken as a yearly activity of IIMACTS, the Dramatics Club of IIMA. Kill, written by Mr. Alex Broun (, was the first script we considered and stuck to it when we couldn’t come up with any better script. The toughest part of the entire experience was getting hold of a proper audio recording device and appropriate connecting wires as we did not want to dub for the movie. This led to a lot of retakes and a few reshoots as the connecting wires we got turned faulty a number of times, but saved us the hassles involved with dubbing. The easiest part was working with the actors. Both of them understood the script very well and did exactly what was expected from them.

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