Let there be Lightt! (Eng)


Director: Som
Duration: 19 min 21 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A inflicted with HIV infection undergoes intense psychological turmoil.
Festival selections:

  • 9th Third Eye Asian Film Festival, Mumbai,2010
  • Kolkata Film Festival ,2010 (Short Film Section)
  • 7th Kolkata Short Film Festival, 2010
  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market ( France)
  • International Short Film Festival, Bhubaneswar, 2011
  • Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2011

Shot on: Z1P
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Approximate budget: Rs 60,000
Completed in: June 2010

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Director Bio

Som ( Somnath Chakraborty ) is a young Bengali film director whose work has met with considerable critical aclaim in recent years, both in his native India and abroad. Som was born and raised in Howrah , West Bengal . He attend high school at Sri Ramkrishna Sikshalaya, and studied commerce at Kolkata University . His father was a teacher.

He cut his directorial teeth in Multimedia. In 2008, he made a debut with short film titled Jalhawar Dinbadal shown at many national and international festivals. However, with his second documentary movie Divine Expressions, Som attracted serious critical attention.

Contact Info

E-mail: somnath042000@yahoo.com
Phone: 23790485
Web: www.lightt.webs.com

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