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Director: Reghu Shanker
Duration: 3 min 21 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Story of a man who just want others to listen to him.

Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Sony Vegas Pro
Approximate budget: Rs 250/-
Completed in: December 2010

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Director Bio

Reghu ShankarReghu ShankarReghu Sankar is a software engineer working in an MNC at Trivandrum. He dreams of making films that makes people think even without them knowing it.

Director's Statement

Solitude makes people have strange thoughts and do strange things with valid reasons but never acceptable to the 'Society'.

Contact Info

Phone: 09746630607

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Score: 6.0, Votes: 2

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Krishnam (not verified)

Hi Raghu,

Nice climax. Love it.


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