Mission Zero


Director: Vatsa
Duration: 5 min 49 sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: He has got three minutes to cross the woods and save his life.
Tagline: Run For Your Life

Shot on: Panasonic GS500
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Cyberlink Power Director
Approximate budget: Rs. 500
Completed in: June 2007

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Director Bio

Vatsa is a filmmaker from Bangalore. He has directed as handful of short films and corporate films, and has worked in the Kannada film industry as an Assistant Director. He also runs the production company Scarlet Drop Media.

Director's Statement

I chose to do this film as an experiment in narrating a nonlinear story.

Cast Bio

Raghu, the lead actor who played the running man, has received his training from Neenasam (Karnataka), a group that has produced many excellent actors.

Ramprasad, the actor who played the head of the police team, is a trained actor from the theatre group Antharanga.

Production Still

Contact Info

Director's E-mail: vatsax@yahoo.com

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