My Hero (Eng)


Director: Satish Torani
Duration: 5 min 26 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A boxer who decides to quit boxing finds it difficult to break the news to his son.

Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Total budget: Rs 45,000
Completed in: September 2008

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Director Bio

Satish Torani is a businessman from Mumbai who has a passion for filmmaking. Presently he pursues filmmaking as a hobby, and has plans to make it a parallel career in the future.

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Anonymous (not verified)

i saw ur all short films on this site which i found very unique. All films were made very good but This was really wonderful..... i hope u must find ur way for Commercial films... u have very good Potential... GOD BLESS and all the best for ur future... i m also a filmmakers frm gujarat if u find anything in which i can help u.... plz feel free to contact me on dreamfilmmakers@gmailcom...

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