Noolillapattam (Mal, Eng S/t)


Director: Mahesh Ananthakrishnan
Duration: 14 min 45 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A middle class guy is lured by the fantasies of today's world.
Festival selections:
• Special mention in kayamkulam Short Film Festival 2011.
• Merit Award in Kollam Short Film Festival 2011.
• Best Film Nomination in All Kerala Inter College Campus Short Film Festival 2011, Trivandrum.

Shot on: Sony DSR-PD170
Shooting Format: Mini DV
Edited with: Adobe Premier CS5, Adobe Aftereffects CS5
Completed in: November 2010

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Director Bio

Mahesh AnanthakrishnanMahesh Ananthakrishnan Mahesh Ananthakrishnan is an independent film maker. As he is a student he has a lot of limitations but overcoming these, he has directed three short films. He handpicked the best talents from his batch and formed the production team Fade-In Films. They together have bagged many prizes from various campuses in Kerala. By squeezing out more time from their studies they have brought out their third film “Noolillapattam “.

Director's Statement

Noolillapattam is the story of a middle class guy, who lured by the fantasies of today’s world. Man’s dream may change every now and then one’s dream may seem simple and silly for the other. This guy has a dream, a dream which may seem small for the rest but for him it’s a herculean task. When he somehow manages to reach the doorstep of materializing his dream an incident occurs which makes an unexpected turn in his life. This makes him realize the true meaning of life. The aftermath is the rest of the narration.

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