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Director: Lokiish Todi
Duration: 7 min 44 sec
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Synopsis: Every morning brings flowers at the doorstep. Love flourishes. And then...

Shot on: Sony EX3
Shooting Format: HD
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Approximate budget: Rs 2 lakhs
Completed in: November 2010

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Director Bio

Lokiish Todi was born in 1978 in Kolkata a city where Art is a very integral part of life. Music , dance and acting came naturally to him as his parents were musicians and also into events. He has BA in Comparative Literature(World Literature) and MA in Film Studies from JU. He also has diploma in Cinematography, Multimedia, Interior Designing and PGDBA (General Management) from Welingkar.

He started his journey from Advertising Agency and Hindustan Times Newspaper in Kolkata but soon shifted to working in various departments of filmmaking to learn everything first hand which made him take up jobs in camera, production, direction and post-production. After taking Post-Production DI training from Singapore he worked with Kamal Hasan for Mumbai Xpress in Editing Department. In post-production he has been delivering all kinds of contents as Editor, On-line Smoke Editor and as a Consultant for making 35mm direct prints, which included Ads, Music Video, Trailer and Films, which honed his skills for visual story-telling. He made his first short film in 1999 called “No Smoking”. Since then he has made 4 short films.

Director's Statement

The film’s story was chosen on the basis of Romance and Comedy being the two most entertaining material… and first we wanted to entertain.

Contact Info

E-mail: cinevatmediaworks@gmail.com, todi.lokesh@gmail.com


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