Oorukku 4 Peru (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director:Ganesh Kumar Mohan
Duration: 29 min 52 sec
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: Four greedy software engineers get involved in a forgery scheme.

Shot on: Canon 550D
Shooting Format: DV
Approximate budget: Rs. 40,000
Completed in: June 2011

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Ali Akbar Campwala

1) The acting throughout the film was excellent. The actors itself made the concept believable and it was a joy to watch it till the end. Almost every actor has done a very good work in the film.

2) The script was quite intriguing and it had enough twists and turns throughout the film. I actually enjoyed the ongoing conflicts throughout each characters life which made the concept of the film more fun to watch.

3) My only comment technical wise would be in Cinematography of the film. Even though the entire film was very sharply edited and had heavy sound design to engage the viewer, the cinematography of the film lacked some composition in many scenes. The lack of artistic composition in the film is especially evident in the training sessions and other scenes. A bit of a planning in artistic or cinematic composition in a shoot can really enhance the look of this film.

4) Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the film till the end, in my opinion, you could have taken the film cinematically much further if you could have worked on the pacing of the film. The entire film is rushed towards a very fast paced edit but possibly there could be scenes where you could slow the pace down to enhance more suspense and add cinematic artistry feel to the film.

5) It was a pleasure to watch an independent film project so well made and also touching a social issue topic deeply too. Kudo's to the entire team because it is a job well done.

6) The 180' Over the Shoulder rule when the character Makaan grabs the collar of the senior boss. Camera switches from left to right shoulder of the characters.

7) The film is very well made and has all the ingredients of a 'typical masala' mainstream feel to it. I'm sure the local audience would love this film but I'm hoping on your next venture, you can create a much cinematically enhanced project that would even visually appeal to the international audience as well. There is a lot of potential in your team.

Well done !

Director Bio

Ganesh Kumar Mohan is an IT professional turned independent short film maker who has done short film like 536 and Ramasamy.

Cast and Crew Bio

Music director Balamurali Balu is from USA, an IT professional, who worked hard to provide a commercial kind of music to increase the pulse of audience. Cinematographers Manish murthy and Anand CJ provided real good film like cinematography to this movie. Editor Abhinav sundar nayak given much needed slick cuts and CG works. Main cast Venkat sundar, Yeskay, Yashwant, Vigneeshwaran, Manoj, Sai acted casually to give the cool look for the film.

Director's Statement

This movie is the first ever short film to deal with the subject Multi level marketing and its flaws and in a comical way. This movie has created a benchmark in short film as it’s the first ever Indian short to have 8 houseful paid shows in Multiplex and many screenings in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore. Got a lot of appreciations from industry stalwarts like Director Shankar, Actor Vijay, Jeeva, Shrikant, Directors Thamira, Selvan etc.

Contact Info

Director Ganesh Kumar Mohan – ganeshkumar.mohan@gmail.com
Music director Balamurali Balu – balubm@gmail.com
Editor Abhinav – abhi.alive.1989@gmail.com



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