Queer Azadi (Eng)


Director: Arun Gopalan
Duration: 7 min 32 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A live-in relationship is on the verge of breaking up due to the uncommon sexual preferences of one of the partners.

Shot on: Sony HDV
Shooting Format: HDV
Edited with: Avid HD Pro
Approximate budget: Rs 3500
Completed in: April 2009

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Director Bio

Arun Gopalan is a first year Cinematography student at the L.V. Prasad Film and Television Academy, Chennai, India. Though not from a 'cinema background family', his quest to voice his opinion on various issues like environment degradation, human rights, etc. brought him into the field of film making.

Director's Statement

The director through this short film tries to convey the message of accepting the queer community as it is. Sexual orientation is a personal choice and it is none of the world's business to discriminate certain people on this choice. The director with his first dialogue film experiments by doing a balancing act between keeping the movie as a fictional work as well as an PSA (Public Service Announcement)

Contact Info

arun-gopalan@hotmail.com; 0-9789814678/ 0-9890428384
Sreekanth Dass (Karan)- sreekanthdass@gmail.com;
Sithara Krishnan (Payal)- sitharank@gmail.com


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can be better

Arun's picture

Thanks John.

I did realize that a little more pre-production effort, especially in framing and probably a slightly different ending would have made the movie much much better.

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