Rahim Murge Pe Mat Ro (Hin, Eng S/t)


Directors: Rajat Nagpal, Devashish Makhija
Duration: 1 min
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Synopsis: A cock's account of his last moments.
Festival Selection: Filminute - the International One Minute Film Festival

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Director Bio

Rajat Nagpal is a graduate of National Institute of Design (NID), India. He has been working in the film industry of India for the last 6 years. He has assisted Rakeysh O Mehra, Nikhil Advani and Bharat Bala on their respective feature length films and Television Commercials. He has directed and produced short format films, television commercials and music videos for various production houses.

Awards won:

  • Satyajit Ray Gold at Kshanik Film Festival for the short Elysium - 2001
  • IDPA Gold for the Corporate film, To Live (client: Tulsi Chanrai Foundation) - 2007
  • Selected as one of the top 12 short filmmakers (under 30) at Cityzooms International, Hannover - 2006
Contact Info

The Circus Motion Pictures
1/78, Om Heera Panna
Mumbai 400102
Maharashtra, India

E-mail: thecircusmotionpictures@gmail.com
Fax: +91 22 4016 1662

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6 User Reviews

Goes beyond the slaughter house as one can really make parallels with the kind of lives we live in today's day and age... THe review by the magazine Eyeweekly is really appropriate for this film, though I do not agree with the WIRED magazine so much as it does not seem to be a film about vegetarianism since Rahim is so happy about dying and living, unless there is a hidden piece of sarcasm/ irony in the film that I am notbeing able to catch... But an excellent piece of story telling which without using humans has moved me a lot! The making of the film as stated in Rediff is also a very moving piece as the journey of the filmmakers can be seen!! Honest!


hi maartand

kind words. thank you. yes, the wired review didnt quite get it. but it was generous of them anyways. though to be fair the film is open to interpretation. rajat and i keep debating what it really means, still. :)

fantastic!!!..you set an example to all about how to make a 1 min min short..wow!

One of the wonderful short film I ever came across...Excellent narration..Very fast editing.

Shradha (not verified)

Super brilliant! Love the narrative content and the voice of the narrator complements the style of the film perfectly! A great watch!

Very good quality voice-over! Nice editing. Good job!

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