Ranjan's Workout (Hin, Eng S/t)


Director: Irengbam Debashish Singh
Duration: 3 min 15 sec
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Tagline: Sometimes, there are more parallels around you that you realize …
Synopsis: An ironical take on the concept of a “workout” from the viewpoints of two young boys belonging to different classes in society.
Festival selections: Kirori Mal Film Festival, New Delhi, 2009.

Edited with: Cyberlink Power Director
Approximate budget: Zero budget
Completed in: 2009

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Director Bio

Irengbam Debashish Singh recently completed my MA English Lit from Delhi University and is planning to pursue a filmmaking course this year.

He was bitten by the short filmmaking bug last year when he finally decided to make his first project, My Funky Date, with the help of two digicams borrowed from friends. It ended up being screened at two film festivals and even won a student film competition in Delhi University. Ranjan’s Workout is his second film.

Director's Statement

Irony has always fascinated me as a concept and this is something I have tried to explore in this film through the use of parallels.

Since the only equipments I have right now are a handycam and a laptop, many of the shots required quite some effort on our part. This included sliding below beds and climbing above shelves for certain camera angles. The moving shot of Ranjan's running, for instance, was taken by climbing onto the back of my friend’s car as he drove at the same pace as Ranjan while I balanced myself along with the camera.

Time crunches were also a major challenge. The gym manager was in a hurry at the time slot permitted to us, and we had to wrap up the workout shots in ten minutes flat. Also, since Tanmai had to repeat the workout movements many times till I was satisfied by the visuals, he was down with mild dehydration by the end of the filming.

All in all, a memorable experience which we would cherish forever. More projects in the pipeline now, let's see what happens . . .

Cast Bio

The character of Ranjan is portrayed by Ranjan himself, who happens to be the son of one of my friends’ domestic help. He often comes to Tanmai’s house for after-school tuitions by his mother.

The character of the rich boy is portrayed by Tanmai Jain, a very close friend and classmate of mine from BA (H) English. He has also handled the music arena of the film. The woman in the film is his mother, Mrs Rajni Jain, who graciously accepted to be a part of our film.

Contact Info

Director: irengbamdebashish@gmail.com (Ph: +91-9999800235)
Cast: tanmai.jain@gmail.com (Ph: +91-9811739900)

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2 User Reviews
priya (not verified)

I wanted to ask you what were the bubbles in the tea symbolic of?
and why did u start the movie with TEA?

well the juxtaposition is very clearly shown.as a viewer I cudnt figure out the larger importance of the movie?the domestic chores are equally tiring or physically exhausting for the working child as the man who works out in the gym.
are you trying to deal with gender issues somehow?

Anonymous (not verified)

the beginning and end of the movie are marked by the tea sequences so it helps in contextualizing the plot as well as emphasizing on the repetitiveness on the routine. the bubbles in the end are moving in a full circle parallel to each other so the message i wanted to give out was how our life has many parallels which we are not able to see at times. Furthermore, the circular movement highlights the "life comes full circle" philosophy of the film at the end.
Thanks for your review Priya. Hope this answers your questions :)

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