Director: Jeo Sunny
Duration: 5 min 14 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Don't forget your way
Synopsis: Husband likes puppy, wife hates puppy...

Shot on: Panasonic SDR-H40
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Approximate budget: Rs.1000
Completed in: June 2009

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen

There are two aspects which make this short special. One is the number of shots - the director has used lots and lots of shots, each of them brief, to the point, and well composed. The second is the way he extracted that wonderful performance from Mittu, the puppie. Kudos to Jeo Sunny for these achievements.

Overall, Recycle is a sweet film which succeeds in touching diverse emotional cords in a brief duration of time. The movie arouses smiles, curiosity and sighs, never becoming melodramatic. Background score and sound effects were used appropriately and mixed well - I especially liked the drumming at the right moments, but I have always wondered why the same birds cry in the exterior shots of almost all short films made in Kerala! The cuts, especially those to different locations, were done well. Editing was crisp - the credit also goes to the pains the director and cinematographer took in planning and executing appropriate shot sizes and camera angles with the editing table in mind.

Now, some nitpicking:

  • The shot which shows the reappearance of the puppie could have been composed in a better way to evoke more surprise.
  • The way Sunil runs after the rediscovered puppie looked awkward in a shot.
  • "Written and direction" is not grammatically correct.
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