Rose Mary


Director: Prince Richfield
Duration: 1 min 26 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Story of an unconditional love.

Shot on: Sony PD-170
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Adobe Creative Suite 4
Approximate budget: Rs 1200

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Editorial Review - 1

Reviewed by Sameer C Thiruthikad
Rose Mary is an interesting short film about the love story of a boy. Within few frames, director Prince Richfield has succeeded in narrating a simple but effective plot. The one and half minute long film have used director's cousins and friends as its cast and crew and took just one day to complete the shoot.

The film achieves its objective without any dialogues and makes use of powerful background score to keep the tempo of the story. The actors have performed reasonably considering that its their first attempt. The closeup scene of the actors reveals their strain in expressing emotions, but the director has managed it smartly by limiting such scenes to the possible minimum.

Editorial Review - 2

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen
Very rarely do short films excel in all areas of filmmaking. As most shorts are one man jobs, the end results usually show sparks of brilliance in one or two areas in which the maker has more expertise and experience. Besides, the limitations within which most short film makers work make it almost impossible for them to pay sufficient attention to all the diverse aspects in making of a film. However, none of these obstacles seem to have affected Rose Mary.

This short is an admirable example of brilliant total filmmaking - wonderfully composed shots, above average performances from both the actors, sweet and appropriate background score, visual effects which never go over the top, crisp editing which makes the movie look much shorter than its actual length, careful selection of colors (see how that blue tank is placed in the background of that rose in a wide shot), a screenplay which narrates wonderful concept without a single dialogue, art direction with attention to the minutest details (notice the clutter in the background of the opening shot) - this film has excelled in all major areas of filmmaking.

The only limitation this reviewer was able to find is the length of the opening shot – it could have been much shorter, especially considering the pace of the rest of the movie. Besides, trimming of that shot would have reduced the movie’s length to less than a minute, and this could have been a strong contender in competitions for one-minute films.

Director's Statement

One Sunday, bought PD 170 for a day rent, supposed to shoot a short film called ‘FORUM’, but had to be dropped, location problem. Then bought 5 red roses, went to cousin’s house along with santhosh and vasanth (Crew) and shot ‘rose mary’ on Abishek and Helen (cast), a day shoot. Sometime later edited on CS4 along with santosh (co-editor).but story was in my mind for sometime. I am yet make ‘FORUM’.

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