Tangle Dangle (Eng)


Director: Saikishore
Duration: 3 min 34 sec
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: How do the earphones often get mysteriously and very inextricably tangled?

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen
Tangle Dangle reminded me of what Robert Rodriguez, director of El Mariachi, one of the most successful independent movies ever, said about making cheap movies: “Look around you. What do you have around you? Take stock in what you have. Your father owns a liquor store - make a movie about a liquor store. Do you have a dog? Make a movie about your dog. Your mom works in a nursing home, make a movie about a nursing home. When I did El Mariachi I had a turtle, I had a guitar case, I had a small town and I said I'll make a movie around that.”

Saikishore has followed this excellent advice to the word while he made Tangle Dangle. His sister Sharada Annamaraju plays the lead role, while his mom and the family dog complete the cast. Despite this, the film does not look like one of those amateur home videos, thanks to a splendid performance from Sharada, and a compact, hilarious script. Saikishore has given attention to minor details – see how the first song is edited to start with the title, how Sharada enters the frame and then leaves it in the second shot, and how she is shown munching a banana while returning from her lunch. There is no dedication to pop and mom or a long credit list in the beginning of the movie, and there aren’t any labored unnecessary camera movements. Only telltale signs of a home production are the slightly out of sync audio, the marriage CD style transitions used when the earphones dance, and the long gaps between the lines in the end credits.

Saikishore commented in an Orkut thread that he got the earphones to dance by attaching threads to them. Though the scene is well shot considering the restraints within which they were working, some improvements would have been possible even within those limitations. Though there are some cuts during the dance sequence, most of the adjacent shots look exactly like each other. This could have been avoided by using different props on the wall to highlight the changes in camera angles. More contrasting colors for the wall and the wires would also have helped the shots.

Another shortcoming is the use of English subtitles when the mother speaks. Besides the Battleship Potemkin look, this also makes the movie inconsistent as Sharada’s later conversation with her friend is dubbed.

Tangle Dangle uses some popular film songs. Though people are not that strict about such minor copyright violations in India, one should keep in mind that such use of copyrighted material may lead to exclusion of the movie from most of the standard film festivals.

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Sharada Annamaraju (not verified)

Hello there!
Very, very randomly chanced upon this review and didn't expect it for the world! ;) Thanks for taking the time out to view and appreciate this film. Yeah, we were really limited by our resources and editing etc. But we can only improve. Thanks again for what qualifies as our first film review ever!

Hi Sharada,

Thanks for dropping in.

I had sent Sai an Orkut scrap before posting the movie.

Do keep us informed about your new projects.

hareeshn's picture


Nice review by Shahul. Subtitle is used for mom instead of voice-over; I think it's because, that time Sharada is hearing music and Mom is not actually speaking, the idea passed to her without saying a word! And what she understood from mom's presence is what we see as subtitles. Later when she uses the mobile, she's actually talking so the director used the voice-over. :-)

I'm a little confused about the genre here; Comedy!!! :-| One question remains, why the ghost tries to keep the wires folded always? In the last shot when the girl suddenly enters the earphones simply drop down, the same thing may happened always, no?


Hi Haree,
Thanks for pointing out that mother was not actually speaking. I somehow missed that...

I have a small correction though. The term "voice over" is usually used to indicate dialogue of an off-screen person/character.

Saikishore (not verified)

Hey Hareeshn!
Thanks for watching! About your questions! why the ghost tries to keep the wires folded always? What we have shown is that the earphones are actually alive! Thaey are Possessed! It keeps dancing and having fun when alone and thats how its gets all tangled up!
In the last shot when the girl suddenly enters the earphones simply drop down, the same thing may happened always, no? Thats because the girl suddenly entered the room suddenly without it knowing, it simply drops down! Otherwise, it twists and turns and ends up tangling itself up! :p

Hope i could give a good enough answer! :)
It was my first attempt anyway!

Saikishore (not verified)

and oh ya! About the sub title thing! My mom actually spoke but she spoke in telugu! so, i cut the audio off and put in a sub-title instead!

Anonymous (not verified)

can't give an expert comment but a good attempt and liked it all the same

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