Blades of Grass (Hin)

Director: Ankur Kapoor
Duration: 8 min
Genre: Romance, Drama
Tagline: Some love stories are just blades of grass.
Synopsis: Power of love must sometimes be used to let that very love go.
Festival selections and awards won:
• Best Cinematography : The 48 Hour Film Project, Mumbai, 2010.
• Screening : International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, 2010.
• Screening : Bring your own Film Festival (BYOFF), Puri, 2011.
• Official Selection : Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF), Jaipur, 2011.
• Official Selection : Himachal Film Festival, Shimla, 2011.
• Official Selection : International Short Film Festival of India (ISFFI), Chennai, 2011.
• Official Selection : Two Days Short Film Festival, Chandigarh, 2011.
• Official Selection : By2Coffee Short Film Festival, Bengaluru, 2011.

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A$ Luck Would Have It (Eng)

Director:Sujit Nair
Duration: 9 min 43 sec
Synopsis: On and around a road, fates of four unsuspecting persons change in a single day.

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Nee Idayveli Naan (Tam)

Director: Sathapranavan
Duration: 20 min 40 sec
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: A couple begins to argue.
Awards won:
Festival of Thavam (Paris)
• 2nd Price
• Best Actor
• Best Cinematography
Festival of Vinbam (London)
• Best Actor

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Oo! Fxxx !!

Director: Lokiish Todi
Duration: 7 min 44 sec
Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
Synopsis: Every morning brings flowers at the doorstep. Love flourishes. And then...

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5 (Eng)

Director: Shrivatsa Prahallada
Duration: 10 min 49 sec
Genre: Romance, Drama
Synopsis: Love knows no boundaries. More so in the digital age.

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