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Paigham (Hin)

Director: Manas Shashidharan Jacob
Duration: 6 min 19 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Bow down to the city
Synopsis: A man who chooses to earn money out of the most extraordinary ways learns a lesson for life and bows down to the city.
Festival selections: Official selection - Dimensions Mumbai, MAMI film festival, 2010.

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Score: 6.5, Votes: 2

Naguvina Hinde

Director: Ajay Yogi
Duration: 8 min 49 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A poor illiterate kid from a city aspires to learn.
Festival selections and Awards won:

  • Best Director, SFMI, 2011
  • Jury Award, South India Mega Short Film Festival (Organised By NACT, Bangalore), 2011.
  • Best Film Award, Satyabhama University Chennai, 2010.

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Score: 7.8, Votes: 4

Few Minutes To Death (Eng)

Director: Akshay S
Duration: 18 min 59 sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: An amulet created way back in the 1860s travels 150 years to give the chill.

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Score: 7.0, Votes: 1
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