Nee Idayveli Naan (Tam)

Director: Sathapranavan
Duration: 20 min 40 sec
Genre: Romance
Synopsis: A couple begins to argue.
Awards won:
Festival of Thavam (Paris)
• 2nd Price
• Best Actor
• Best Cinematography
Festival of Vinbam (London)
• Best Actor

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Theera Irul (Tamil, Eng S/t)

Director: Sathapranavan
Duration: 11 min 25 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Lives of few immigrant Indians criss cross in a Paris street.
Festival selections:

  • 8th IAFS (International Art Film Society), Toronto
  • CTFF 2011 (Canadian Tamil Film Festival), Canada

Awards won:

  • 2nd Price; Best Editing; Best Direction - Festival of Sankiiyan Viruthu, Paris
  • 2nd Price - Navalar Festival, Paris

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