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Oru Cinema Kadha (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Arun George K David
Duration: 17 min 15 sec
Genre: Comedy
Synopsis: A group of young boys who venture into film making, but are unable to find a story.

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Noolillapattam (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Mahesh Ananthakrishnan
Duration: 14 min 45 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A middle class guy is lured by the fantasies of today's world.
Festival selections:
• Special mention in kayamkulam Short Film Festival 2011.
• Merit Award in Kollam Short Film Festival 2011.
• Best Film Nomination in All Kerala Inter College Campus Short Film Festival 2011, Trivandrum.

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Democracy: To Each His Own (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Jubith Namradath
Duration: 6 min 11 sec
Genre: Comedy
Tagline: In a system, we co-exist.
Synopsis: A bus journey becomes a depiction of democracy.
Festival selections:

  • Kalpana Festival, Mumbai, 2010
  • Laam Festival, Malappuram in 2010

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Hitch Hikers - The Third Angle (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Sandeep S
Duration: 14 min 53 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A student who misses the college bus has to take a lift in a car. With two strangers.

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Anaavaranam (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Narayanan Poomulli
Duration: 17 min 27 sec
Genre: Drama, Psychological thriller
Synopsis: Haunted by premonitions of his granddaughter's death, a celebrated magician unveils his last trick to save the girl from certain death.
Festival selections:


  • Third Place Short Film Award, Global Art Film Festival Tour 2010, USA

Official Selection at:

  • International Short Filmfestival Venlo 2010, The Netherlands - Best Cinematography
  • Bollywood and Beyond Film Festival 2010, Germany - Audience Choice Award.
  • Brno16 Short Film Festival 2010, Czech Republic.
  • The Stepping Stone Film Festival 2010, India.


  • International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala 2010, India.
  • Budapest Short International Film Festival 2010, Hungary.
  • Cellu l'art Short Film Festival 2010, Germany.
  • Madurai Film Festival 2010, India.
  • ImagineIndia Film Festival 2011, Spain.

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Kuppi- The Story of a Bottle (Mal, Eng S/t)

Directors: Abhinav Sunder, Vishnu Varma
Duration: 46 min 08 sec
Genre: Comedy
Tagline: 50 Minutes of nonstop nonsense
Synopsis: Six men. One bottle. And a whole lot of fun.
Awards won: Winner of Best Cinematography and Best Editing in All Kerala Face Film Awards [Face Film Society, Calicut]

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Varthamaanam (The Present) (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Ranjeet Sankar
Duration: 11 min 35 sec
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Synopsis: A gay caught in the crossfire of social stigmata decides to end his life and hires a hit man for the job.

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Naalu Mazhapaatakal (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Jubith Nambradth
Duration: 7 min 20 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A drop of venom in the womb. A set of rain moths are born in the sky above the volcanoes.

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Today (Mal, Eng S/t)

Director: Manoj Damodharan
Duration: 2 min 1 sec
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Synopsis: A life below the poverty line in the era of globalization

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