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Redemption (Tam, Eng S/t)

Director: Aravind
Duration: 6 min 58 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Three friends realize that sacrifices have to be made to continue their friendship. But it was too late.
Festival selections: Selected for the finals in Saarang, a Short Film competition in IIT Madras (2011)

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Score: 8.0, Votes: 1

Ranjan's Workout (Hin, Eng S/t)

Director: Irengbam Debashish Singh
Duration: 3 min 15 sec
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Tagline: Sometimes, there are more parallels around you that you realize …
Synopsis: An ironical take on the concept of a “workout” from the viewpoints of two young boys belonging to different classes in society.
Festival selections: Kirori Mal Film Festival, New Delhi, 2009.

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Score: 6.0, Votes: 2

Mission Zero

Director: Vatsa
Duration: 5 min 49 sec
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: He has got three minutes to cross the woods and save his life.
Tagline: Run For Your Life

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Score: 3.8, Votes: 5
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