The Actor (Hin, Eng S/t)


Director: Thomas Jacob
Duration: 17 min 37 sec
Genre: Thriller, Drama
Synopsis: A gangster with the Mumbai Underworld dreams of being an actor.

Shot on: Canon 1D Mark 4
Shooting Format: HDV
Edited with: Adobe Premiere
Completed in: November 2010

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Director Bio

Thomas JacobThomas JacobThomas Jacob believed like most youngsters, he would end up an engineer or a doctor. But he loved to write short stories and create comic strips. He began to take writing seriously when, age 17, he won the TIME Magazine essay competition - and two years later published his non-fiction book, ‘Trek the Stars’. He then started to shoot a lot of short films and did his Masters in Film Production from New York City. On returning to India, he formed his production company ‘Thomas Jacob Productions’. He does a lot of short films and is presently developing his first feature film.

Director's Statement

Set in the Mumbai underworld, the film is about a gangster who dreams of being an actor. The film looks at the issue of Video Piracy and the people who operate this criminal enterprise. The film was shot in over 20 locations all over Mumbai with young, talented, upcoming actors. Ashraf Ali and Abbhimanyyu Singh play the main roles in the film.

We did not have a crew while shooting this film. My assistant director and I did most of the work. Since we were shooting in busy locations and in the Mumbai streets we had to work fast. The actors are my friends and we had a fantastic time doing this film.

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