A Broken Reality (Hin, Eng S/t)


Director: Kshitij Mathur
Duration: 28 min 28 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Some dreams got shattered
Synopsis: Story of a young homosexual couple.

Shot on: Sony HVR-Z5
Shooting Format: DV
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro
Approximate budget: INR 25,000
Completed in: August 2011

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Production Still

Director Bio

Born and brought up in Bhopal, Kshitij Mathur, 27, a medical transcriptionist by profession left his job to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. After assisting few ad-filmmakers, finally formed Unique Horizons Entertainment, and A Broken Reality is his first attempt at direction. This short film is also written by him.

Director's Statement

Apoorv gave me this idea, I developed it into a story, wrote screen play…the biggest challenge was financing the film, our friends helped us to raise money, all the actors worked for free, we only paid for editing, camera, cameramen, and background. It was an awesome experience for us all. Made a lot of friends during the making of this film.

Contact Info

Kshitij Mathur - E-mail: a.simple.capricorn@gmail.com Phone: 8085124098
Apoorv Jaiswal - E-mail: happyapoorv2004@yahoo.co.in Phone: 7697678329

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