The Dress (Eng)


Director: Karan Shah
Duration: 5 min 38 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A gift from mother. With a catch.

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Haree

The story develops from a teenager's yearning for a new dress, and then takes some interesting turns. The director creates a clear background for the story through a few short dialogues. Sylvia does get the dress eventually. But, in the process, she loses the joys of adolescence.

Magnificent dialogues are the major attraction of this short. The actress who portrayed the mother has done her job with admirable perfection. Her voice modulation successfully conveys both her helplessness and her determination to make the ends meet. The girl who played Sylvia also had the opportunity to deliver an excellent performance. However, she did not fully succeed in her attempts.

Picture 1Picture 1Picture 2Picture 2A little more attention to lighting and shot compositions would have made this film a much more powerful experience. Many frames do not have the power or beauty of the theme. See Picture 1 for example - the mother's hands have a lot to say here, but they do not find a place in the frame. The cinematographer had an easy opportunity to improve the composition by excluding the chair behind Sylvia. I am not sure if some of the shots were the director’s well thought out experiments or just some adjustments the editor was forced to make due to dearth of appropriate shots (Picture 2). The camera pans and zooms a lot. But the director or cinematographer has not taken sufficient care to ensure that those movements are helpful to the narrative.

The beauty of the concept and the wonderful performance of the actress who portrayed the mother lend the film sufficient power, and it easily conquers the viewer’s minds. The minor flaws in the execution do not adversely affect the movie to a great extent. However, if they were avoided, The Dress would have been a really memorable short film.

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