The Forbidden Story (Hin, Eng S/t)


Director: Hiren Dave
Duration: 9 min
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Aditya remembers his father's abstract advice in two different phases of his life.
Awards won: Best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects, and Best Special Effects in Filmsaaz 09. Nominations for Best Short Film, Best Background Score and Best Editing in the same festival.

Shooting Format: DVCAM
Completed in: September 2008

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen
The Forbidden Story by Hiran Dave is one of the most technically perfect Indian short films. The effective use of lighting, color correction, chroma keying and sound effects elevates the film to a class of its own. The best part is that technology is used not in a now-see-what-else-I-can-do manner, but to support a touching storyline.

The movie happens on two nights separated by years. In the first one, an adolescent Aditya watches stars through his telescope and tells us about his small world and big dreams. (And outside his window we can see a crescent waiting to grow to a full moon.) Aditya is full of vigor, passion, love, and, most importantly, dreams. He mentions his father’s advice- “Dreams are like stars, and neither should be trusted – both enchant us from a distance we can never reach.” However, Aditya has not fully understood what his father was trying to convey, and goes on talking to the stars and loving his dreams. In the second night, we see an elderly Aditya, mellowed by life and years. Instead of peering at the stars through a telescope, he watches thunderstorms through thick eyeglasses, and remembers the previous night with a smile. And by now, he has probably learnt what his father’s advice meant.

The film excels in the effective use of props which not only aid the compositions but also add to the tone. The Buddha statue, clocks, lamps, toy cycle, etc. work together to create a consistent mood which most short films fail to achieve. Cinematographer Sangram Giri deserves special applause for composing the frames and arranging the lights after fully internalizing the pulse of the story and intents of the director.

The short would have been better without the long paragraphs in the beginning and the “Miracle happens I believe” message. The paragraphs just verbalize some subtext and a dialogue repeated twice in the movie, while the message does not have much to do with the essence of the story, and they just take some power away from an intensely visual work. The erroneous capitalizations in those texts and the subtitles could have been avoided.

The name “Hiran Dave” appears six times in the movie. It is justified when we consider the diversity of roles Hiran played in its making (from dubbing artist to screenwriter to director to editor to music director). However, the watermark with his email address could have been avoided, as it gives an amateur look to an otherwise solid work.

Let us hope that The Forbidden Story will encourage all short film makers to learn and master postproduction techniques. And let us also hope that the film helps Hiran to get a producer for a longer and even better film, a work he can proudly remember when he will be watching thunderstorms in a night of 2049.

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Jibuti (not verified)

Amazing work By Hiren Dave.

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Hiren
I must say just 1 word tht's "Owsam" u have very good potational to become a director, with the perfect vision.... I heartily feel...this is one of the excellent work as far as shorts film concerned..... ur awesame buddy.. GOD BLESS to all ur time hope u achieve ur dreams...ALL D BEST 4 FUTURE...

Hiren Dave's picture

oh thanks for the reply..may i know u?

Hiren Dave

priya (not verified)

i dont seem to agree dreams are far away u cant reach them .

plz reply and make clear ur motive behind the movie

Hiren Dave's picture

Thank u very much Priya.

It's upon u how u consieve this short film , Ya we all trust on dreams , its natural but its always a question about the its own existance. Ya people can see the dreams but thats very important on which bases they r believe . Here I tryed to show a different prospective to see the reality.

Walking towards a dream its just a journey. But always our priority will change with time and situation. Its all about uncertinity on the way.

We just wish .

I just tried to make this film more technically. I never like to make a film like spoon feeding or easy going way..many thing i describe in this film with cinematic way .

Hiren Dave

Hiren Dave

Mohan (not verified)

Good work. Expecting more.

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