The Letter To My Friends (Eng)


Director: Avi Sandhu
Duration: 21 min 49 sec
Genre: Drama, Horror
Synopsis: Story of a girl who wanted to communicate with ghosts
Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro 2
Approximate budget: Rs 18,000
Completed in: 2007

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Director Bio

Avi Sandhu has been part of the broadcast industry since 1993 as an animator, editor and currently an executive producer."The Letter To My Friends" is his debut film as director. "Bholu", a short moment in the life of a street kid, is his 2nd short film, now in the last lap of post-production. Avi has also completed shooting his 3rd film, "PhotoFrame", which is about a moving experience in the lives of elderly people. It will go into post-production soon after 'BHOLU' is ready & out.

Director's Statement

We chase dreams because we believe in them and it is a mirror of what we are made of. But there is only one force that can act against one's dream... and that's is one's own analyzing thoughts! So while all of us keep chasing dreams, make sure we do not put road blocks of analysis over it. Keep up the journey, will reach!!

Contact Info

Phone: 0-9221104901, 0-9820106677


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apurv_bajpai's picture

really very good film...great performances by all the artists....especially that of laxmi....good make-up....she really looked horror...........RGV should take inspiration from such good makers...........


Anonymous (not verified)

thnx :-)

cmukeshm's picture

A great movie, so sleek in narration that no one can afford to miss a scene, as every one's 100% devotion towards their charactor is visible. Wish you all the best and look forward to more subjects and successful commercial movies in the days to come.

ad2100 (not verified)

Nice movie; good acting and memorable for direction of the film. - considering the small duration a challenge to build up the story.

A letter to friend, is a well done crisp movie, it would have been crisper had some repeated scenes were taken off. Laxmi comes far too long.
Music is tighter and gives chilling feeling
Appy has done good performance.
Mukesh as a father played his role in a controlled manner.
Over all the director delivers the objective.


while the technical aspect of the film is very strong and effective, yet I feel that if all the feelings and emotions of the character are verbalized through words, then the narrative loses its authentic feel ... i understand dat since the narration happens through her letter so descriptions were important but a little more subtlety could have been employed in the language ... otherwise a good film :) ... keep up the good work ...

good concept

Good Movie and nice BG Scoring. Usually the major part in horror is the Audio and you rocked in it...BEST OF LUCK

Prakash R

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