The Lost ID (Kan, Eng S/t)


Director: Shrivatsa Prahallada
Duration: 9 min 57 sec
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Synopsis: It is not your employee ID, YOU are your IDentity.

Shot on: Sony H55, Nikon D90
Shooting Format: HD
Edited with: Power Director, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sound Forge
Approximate budget: April 2011
Completed in: Rs 700

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Ali Akbar Campwala

Here are a few thoughts on the short:

1) The title of the film with 'The Lost IDentity' was quite catchy and
worked brilliantly during the start of the film. Although in my
opinion the film dropped quite a pace due to the lack of the narrative
script development. The script and narrative dialogues needed more
treatment to create a few more twists rather than hanging on the same
concept throughout the film.

2) You made a film on a very modest budget and the suspense was well
set for a viewer to watch throughout the end. In my opinion the
editing could have been more sharper in some areas to shorten the
actual duration of the film itself.

3) I can understand the budget issues of the filmmaker but it is
always better not to use any copyright protected music on the film. I
did identify some soundtracks which might have been used in mainstream

4) Some hand held shots by the cinematographer were well executed and
it worked well in the tense situations of the film. The bus scene
added a lot of production value to the film and it was well shot with
the hand held style photography.

5) From the cinematography point of view I think you shot mostly all
scenes in natural lighting. I think its always a good technique to
create some ambience even in natural lighting situations to enhance a
mood of a scene in a film. Composition could have been more better in
some shots especially during the office scenes.

6) Acting could have been more realistic if they were properly
directed to improve their characterisation with more dialogues
throughout the film.

7) Overall it was a very interesting concept but could have been much
better and believable if the script itself had much to offer.

Director Bio

If you talk to Shrivatsa Prahallada for more than 10mins in your first meet, I am sure you would be discussing about movies. ? Yes, even his technical presentations of CAD/EDA engineering domains are in 24 frames per second. He is the proud founder of Somepoorna Art Factory ( This forum started with street plays and stage plays. But eventually in 2008, SPAF released maiden kannada private album – Poornadani. Shrivatsa Prahallada wrote the lyrics for all the compositions. Vatsa and his team entered in to short film making after getting some basic exposure on film making while working for a kannada feature film. The first short flick was ‘’, released in Q3-2010. And then it was ‘The Crayons Story’ which bagged an award at my web series, Chennai short film festival. This was released in Q4-2010. And now, Q2-2011 it is ‘The Lost ID’. Vatsa is enthusiastic to “manufacture” more short films to entertain the internet world and open to collaborate for bigger ventures.

Bio of Cast and Crew

Chethane Kumar – The lead character in the movie is a full time actor. He is acting in multiple kannada TV serials like “maneyondu mooru baagilu”, “kalyani”. Apart from TV serials and few feature films, Chethane loves to perform live on stage. He is a thespian! He has around 5 years of experience in theatre and TV & film media industry.

Shrikar Nag – The associate and the sound engineer for the movie. He is with Shrivatsa Prahallada and Somepoorna Art Factory from the day one! Apart from the busy schedule of managing his company he is planning to venture into TV and media through his new production banner . He is passionate about sound mixing, though he has grabbed the sound tracks from other commercial movies, these are aesthetically stitched for this video. Shri, being a jovial person says, his immediate wish is to direct a movie having Vatsa as his associate!

Shyam Sundar – The man who married Nikon D90 ?. The engineer and a serious ornithologist who cycles miles together to capture rare birds and share with the community. He has worked as a cinematographer for The Crayons Story and he continued wooing his D90 for The Lost ID. Shyam hides his talent amidst the shores, and many times it is exposed to the banks when the waves roar. A humble man who walks bare foot on the beach side- Chennai.

Abhishek Inchal – The witty and the wise, this was once written as a testimonial on his orkut account! It is true indeed. Abhi has associated Vatsa for The Lost ID. Previously, he was the associate for The Crayons Story and he was the lead actor male for the maiden short flick Abhi is a part time passionate lyricist. Abhi wishes to make his kid act, right after coming out of the womb. And want to proudly state “my kid is a born actor”!

Bharath Sripad – Again, Bharath loves photography, the driving force for him to become cinematographer for this movie. The Lost ID is his first attempt. And because of him we managed to complete the shoot with in 7 hours (which includes moving around different locations). Being the alternate cinematographer he managed to get the off beat shots that’s very evident in the movie- check it out. Apart from movies Bharath equally loves his wife and his Royal Enfield. He loves to live on two wheels. But yes, with his lovely pillion sitting behind!

Director's Statement

It is a one-line story, a visual script. It takes you to 2004 time period. The era when the call center job titles were sold like hot cakes. Identity cards, formal wears, a fashion gotis, and most importantly pseudo names were common across! This is a story about an individual who loses his basic identity. No, it is not his ID card but his basic Identity. Just imagine one forgetting own name!

With a modest budget of 700 INR the team planned to shoot outdoors. It was 7 hours shoot on a weekend. It is a story to be told from 2004. So, we had to manage on few critical props and shot compositions such as green-screen display mobile phone, a Pushpak bus (BMTC) (instead of Volvo buses, the new mode of transportation in Bengaluru.) We had to explore a true bachelor’s room, and one of our friends had the much needed typical haphazardly arranged one. But, we had time constraint for the shoot. As it was a long weekend, he was supposed to lock the door by 9:30am. And then it was the office setup and cafeteria. None of the companies we work permitted us to shoot in the campus (as it is against the company’s policies). So we had to craft out the setup in a restaurant and cubical spaces in a cold floor. A funny incident to share, our prop manager managed to get 5 cigarettes as consumable props for the scene. The tuck shop was pretty far from the location. As our artists are passionate about smoking they rehearsed this particular scene a lot! And guess what - we ended up having 1.5 cigarettes for the scene. If you closely observe, the lit cigarette lengths are different in the shots! Yes, it’s a mistake we accept it, but it was fun.

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