The Perfect Misfit


Director: Sunny
Duration: 9 min 40 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: What does he want?
Synopsis: An introvert tries to find out the purpose of life (accomplishment or happiness?) with his naïve and unconvincing ways set against the backdrop of a science project.

Shot on: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120
Edited with: Windows Movie Maker
Approximate budget: Petrol costs for picking up and dropping the actor, electricity consumption for charging the camera battery.
Completed in: April 2009

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Director Bio

An engineering student who incidentally makes movies that no one watches…

Director's Statement

The actor was supposed to show up in the morning, but the idiot showed up in the evening, so if you feel the movie has bad lighting you know whom to blame.

The scenes in the college were shot secretly….and this also happens to be my second film(phew!) and my friends are already threatening me with dire consequences if I don’t stop making movies(they are the only people who watch it anyway).

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