The Plot (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director: Ashwin Saravanan
Duration: 14 min 57 sec
Genre: Thriller
Tagline: It’s all part of the plan
Synopsis: A murder is on the horizon. And there are some attempts to prevent it.

Shot on: Panasonic HDC-SD60
Shooting Format: AVCHD
Edited with: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
Completed in: June 2011

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Ali Akbar Campwala
Warning: This review contains spoilers.

1) Overall the entire film did keep me at the edge of my seat to find
out the universal question 'What happens next? A really well written
script and good acting made this film a 'must- watch - till the end' .
2) Editing throughout the film was top - notch and sharply executed.
In my opinion it was the brilliant editing that kept the adrenaline of
the film going till the end. The sound design was pretty impressive
and that added a lot to the production value of the film.
3) Cinematography wise through I just found some over used overly used
low-angle shots in the film. Even though most of the frames were well
in focus, panning in some scenes was a bit fizzy. The only positive
from that is due to the script it didn't spoil the feel of the film
itself. There were a few overly exposed shots in some scenes which
could be avoided with better composition.
4) Acting of the characters in film was brilliant. The lead character
pulls of the film almost entirely on his own and makes the character
so believable throughout the film. Even though almost all of the
acting was excellent in the film, it would have been better to give
more screen time to 'Ravi' in the beginning to improve his
characterisation, as he is the antagonist in the film.
5) Overall a very well executed short that also gives some credit to
'God' in the end which is rare to see these days.

Director Bio

Ashwin Saravanan is currently doing is engineering in Panimalar Engineering College. Fascinated by the art of story-telling, he began by writing short stories initially. While he was doing engineering, he found “Fantasy frames”, a group dedicated to the purpose of making quality films. The Plot is their second short film. All the team members are beginners in their respective areas of interest. Ashwin’s fascination for super-natural stuff urged him to write a script based on ESP. The short film was shot on shoe-string budget, facing many problems as a result. The film was a result of team-work for eight months. Engineering forced the entire team to cut-down the amount of time they spend with film-making. Nevertheless, the end result was satisfying enough.

Crew Bio
  • Editing and VFX – Shriram thirukumaran, proprietor of AKKU studios. Very creative and hard-working. A mechanical engineering student at Velammal engineering college.
  • Music – Shiva Ranjan, an young talent. Perfectly complements every kind of scene with his innovative score. A mechanical engineering student at SVCE .
  • Cinematography – Yuvaraj. His unique way of looking at things makes him a very good lens-man. A mechanical engineering student at Velammal engineering college.
  • Sound designer – Anantha Narasimhan, proprietor of Harmonic Decibels. An aspiring composer. Hard working and creative. Gives a large amount of attention to details. A mechanical engineering student at Velammal engineering student.
  • Production designer – Aakash. A great artist. Understands the nuances of film-making. A movie-buff. His interest in arts and his great taste in aesthetics make him a good production designer.
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