Thee Veenai Acham (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director: Premnath
Duration: 8 min 32 sec
Genre: Drama
Tagline: Dread of Evil Deeds
Synopsis: An adolescent confesses to his family as he prepares to commit suicide.

Shot on: Sony Z10
Shooting format on: MiniDV
Edited with: Avid HD Pro
Approximate budget: Rs 5000
Completed in: December 2006

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Director Bio

Premnath is an alumnus of L V Prasad Film and TV Academy, Chennai. His his short film “Montage - My Love” had won the Special Jury Award in National Festival of Short Films by IDPA. His shorts have won a total of eight awards all over the country. Thee Veenai Acham was his second short film. He is now an Assistant Director in Tamil films.

Director's Statement

We shot this film without the permission of the Director of our Academy. Cinematography was done by my classmate Baskar Rao who currently works in Hindi films. Baskar was the naughtiest boy in our class, and the two of us joined hands in the sneaking out and shooting venture. The lead actor was Keya - a free of cost actor-friend who helped me shoot the project.

We shot the whole project without the knowledge of our staff members, and lied to them that we are doing some lighting practicals. When the short won the Best Cinematography award in a short film fest conducted by Guru Nanak College Chennai, the letter was sent to our Director, and thus he came to know about the project!

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Phone: (0)9884162531

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saigokul's picture

The film left me totally stunned.
The film was crafted with such finesse and the narrative style
was the biggest asset to this short, which am sure will be
enjoyed by film makers across the country.


scriptlarva's picture

After making a good short why couldnt the makers take the trouble of creating an original back ground score? Hearing the 'Road to perdition' score did put me off.

Nice work, beautiful cinematography...keep it up guys..


sandeep suresh trivandrum (not verified)

film was gud..shots taken with fine was apt 4 d situation, brave attempt..!!

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