Till Death Do Us Part (Eng)


Director: bNr
Duration: 12 min 05 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: The honeymoon phase is over, and now memories are his only solace in a solitary life.

Shot on: Sony PD-170
Shooting Format: MiniDV
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Approximate budget: Rs. 1000/-
Completed in: June 2010

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Shahul Ameen

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

This is an excellent short film. It explores an important topic of immense contemporary relevance. In the process, it touches the viewers emotionally, and makes them think about its subject matter.

The makers have paid considerable attention to the smallest details. Presentation of the marriage ceremony as a voice over with the opening credits was interesting. Transitions between the present time and the good old times were always smooth and amusing, and never became monotonous or predictable. The slow motion in the final close up of Sneha was interesting.

Both the actors performed excellently, and the background score was good.

Now, some criticisms and suggestions:

  • The voice over of the funeral procession could have been avoided. The procession certainly helps to convey the mood of the lead character, and cleverly links the movie to its title. But its inclusion as a voice over in the very beginning of the movie produces a bad and wrong first impression - that the filmmakers are lazy. It may be difficult to arrange a huge procession within the budgetary constraints, but a better and more creative alternative should have been found.
  • At the first transition to the flashbacks, we see a passerby crossing the frame through the foreground. This was confusing. We don't know the major characters at this point in time, and this guy may be mistaken for an important character due to his position and size in the frame. Overall, he takes some power away from the very first transition.
  • The way the past and present are depicted in the same frames was excellent, and reminded me of Bergman. The directors cleverly avoided inclusion of Anindyas from the two times in the same frame. The only shot in which "both of them" were shown together, where one crosses the other at the door to their home, was executed intelligently. But, the result could have been better if some more care was taken. For e.g., as Anindya enters the bedroom and we see Sneha engaged in the pillow fight in the foreground, the composition would have been better if the camera was pointed a little more to the left.
  • Sneha's return from her work should have been picturized in a more dramatic way. Most viewers would not have expected her to break in to the plot that way. But the shot was not designed in a way that enhances the surprise.
  • The custom is to include not more than two lines of subtitles in any frame. As we include more lines, more and more important portions of the frame go under them.
  • The statistics presented in the end could have been avoided. It dilutes the message and emotions the preceding movie created on its own.
  • The production scenes were interesting. But, it would have been better if they were in a separated video. These visuals distract us from the end credits. It is unfortunate, as, in most short films, the only reward is to have people notice your name in the credits.
Director Bio

A believer in learning through experience, bNr is a team that started its career with documentaries and corporate films. Struggling through the hazy fields of editing non fictions and TV programs and adding cliché music to mega serials, they have finally decided to use whatever resources they have to low/no budget film making. In 2009, their first attempt at a low budget film making ended up in a disaster as the movie could not be completed at the projected budget. Then one of the two directors had to move to Noida to assist in India’s first internet series, which is presently in post production. Returning from Noida, the directors teamed up again to start shooting for their second attempt at fiction. Thus “Till Death Do Us Part” was born. Presently the director duo is busy with the pre-production of their next short. They dream of making a masterpiece before they turn 26 (which is about 4 years away) and be at level with their favorite – Mr. Orson Wells!

Contact Info

E-mail: academophobia@yahoo.co.in
Phone: +91-9748323791

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MONIRUPA NANDI (not verified)

a very well made short film, the sincerity shows in the work. Carry on the good work Konarak.

bnr's picture

Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

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