Director: Vanshaj Kapur
Duration: 1min 43sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: What a toffee is really made of.

Shot on: Canon 550D
Shooting Format: Digital
Edited with: Final Cut Pro
Approximate budget: Rs. 200
Completed in: December 2011

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Editorial Review

Reviewed by Aakash Kumar
I am not a biased advocate of short and uncomplicated films. I appreciate them, but I always prefer a film with a bolder screenplay and a more visionary approach to filmmaking. Toffee is hardly a two minute film with a premise that can be explained in less than a minute.

Why is it such a good film then? This is because Toffee attempts to say more in its two minute run time than most films achieve in two hours. The first time I viewed this film, I thought, “Well, here is a perfectly sweet film with absolutely no pretensions.”

When I viewed it a second time, and this is a film you can view several times, I began to understand the greater meaning of the concept. This is not the typical story of a blind man getting beaten up and kid feeling sorry for him. The blind man here is not so blind. The little boy probably may not be as unaware as he seems to be. The lads who beat up the blind man may have done the right thing after all.

I do not know if this was a deliberate attempt or is it just my analysis, but this film is literally wrapped up in so many layers. To get to its core is a task more difficult than you might have imagined. The blind man does not break his act till the climax, then why does the little boy wave and say goodbye as if he knows the truth? Do the hooligans think they are beating up a blind man or are they aware of his act? Maybe I am over-analysing but I am intrigued. This is why I admire the filmmaker. He does not attempt to ruin the film’s overall look by keeping it light and hearty, and hides the cynicism deep inside for only those who have the patience to unravel the mystery.

The opening title sequence is wonderfully sweet and the music is absolutely brilliant. I read that it is an original composition, so kudos to the composer!

The only problem I have is the run time of the film. It just feels a little rushed at times. There are a total of fifteen cuts in the film, so a few seconds more to every take would have given it a slightly laid back feel. But I am not complaining.

I would give Toffee a rating of 3 out of 4.

Director Bio

Vanshaj Kapur is currently a Design student majoring in film. Being involved through internships and freelance work in the film industry had a huge influence on this film. He was recently an Assistant Director in the Bollywood feature film “The Dirty Picture”. He is also a keen theatre enthusiast.

Director's Statement

The film was to be shot with a young girl which didn’t happen because the child was unable to get her expressions in the heat. A small boy passed by and Vanshaj grabbed the opportunity and finally finished this film with an unknown boy who we never saw again.

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