Vekkai (Tam, Eng S/t)


Director: E. Saravanan
Duration: 6 min 43 sec
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A Sri Lankan refugee remembers his childhood friend

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yogesh (not verified)

Dear Friend,

This is a call for an open festival - an event that anticipates to spark a charge, that drives searching, discovering, seeing and embracing, the individual as well as the collective self in the cinematic mirror.
please review below the invitation. please visit our current festival at:

thank you for your time.

Humanity Explored
Share your spirit, your vision, your experience,
your knowledge of us all - through your art of cinema.
Reach audiences across borders with your voice,
your consciousness.


Culture Unplugged Studios is organizing 'Humanity Explored', the film festival where we gather and explore Our voice - as citizens of different locales of this earth, sharing the same cosmic resources that sustains life in us, dreaming the same future, experiencing same fundamental emotions, living similar life stories, yet intensely feeling separation among us. Can we feel 'interconnectedness' or 'oneness' by sharing what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unites us, and question/contemplate the divisive perception of 'otherness'? Lets celebrate our collective spiritual evolution by contemplating the contemporary cultures & societies, through cinema.

Last Date for Submission : 7th JUNE, 2009

Barrie Osborne (Producer, New Zealand, 7 times - Oscar winner)
Michael Pyser (Producer, USA, Several Oscar Nomination)
Shekhar Kapoor (Film-maker/Director, India, Oscar Nominated 2007)

If you participate in the festival, you will be contacted shortly prior to the launch of this festival. With the participation in the festival you are joining the Culture Unplugged network of film-makers at our filMdedia network. This platform intends to create an open & transparent system for film-makers and facilitate dialogue among them, their audiences and other professionals to fertilize artistic as well as social consciousness.

For participation kindly fill the online form and send us the film/DVD . Multiple entries are welcome. Fill the individual form for each film.

To submit the form, please visit:

For sending us the film our Asian office address is :

Culture Unplugged Studios
Clover Centrum, 2nd Floor,
Galaxy Society, Plot No.5,
Boat Club Road, Pune 411001,
Maharashtra, India

Please feel free to forward this massage to filmmakers and do let me know if you can/wish to participate in this festival. I will love to talk to you on the phone. Please let me know your contact number and preferred time to talk, and I will call you. If you have further question, feel free to contact our office: +91 20 65002520 / +91 9822702036 or email me here.

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