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eCommerce goes beyond consumer goods – businesses can sell any product with simple site management. Options to sell online are open from single items, to complex products (think movies or songs available in DVD, MP3 or other formats). To attract funds businesses are looking for new selling ways as well as newer services / products.

21st century has many feathers to its sleeve, of which one of is eCommerce and its spread. Many businesses that started with small idea, have grown into bigger corporations with the help of internet, like In Internet retailing, computer hardware, software and book selling are at the top three positions among the top dozen or so products ranked for online success (Source: Goldman Sachs). It can be said that Internet is a place to find real champions in eCommerce, not withstanding many spammers who have set up websites to fool innocent visitors.

Helping in breaking the clutter are some of eCommerce solutions that have taken years to develop and can boast of best in Product management, Drop-shipping System, Internet marketing management, Secure shopping ability.

Why eCommerce Management Solutions are needed?
eCommerce Management Solutions have been developed keeping in mind the needs of businesses who require all the tools and capabilities of online sales system integrated into their website.
CMS: Most of the websites run on Content Management System, which enables instant text and image editing. People as well as search engines are information hungry, they feed on new content. So, it pays to upgrade website content on a regular basis for returning visitors, which results in more conversion.

Inventory control: At times businesses are under-stocked whilst someone orders one of the fast moving items. Though customer is unaware of item's stocking status, it becomes embarrassing for company if they are unable to ship the ordered item on time. IC feature saves you in such situations plus many a times has a flexibility to be integrated with manufacturer's sites' for instant order servicing!

Global selling – coupons, taxes, pricing: Businesses need to be heard, seen so that customers prefer you over competitors. Once that's achieved, next BIG step is to customize the selling process. eCommerce Management Solutions offers flexibility to design occasion / festival specific coupons, add country / state specific taxes, or alter pricing based upon the volume. Life is all about the permutations combinations, so is business.

Analytics: Power of truth could be experienced with Analytic feature of eCommerce Management Solutions. Every business likes to monitor the cent spent on advertising, and analytics is a great tool to channelise the advertising spent on those keywords that are not just generating clicks but also have high conversion ratio. This feature gives complete control over the online advertising spent with specific information on audience, geography, referral sites et all.

Who needs them?
eCommerce Management Solutions is particularly helpful for those who want to have online marketing and sales strategy at a click. Here, size of the organization doesn't matter – all it takes to have a vision to be leader in their domain.

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