Quality Assurance and Self Storage

Quality assurance (QA) refers to the process of monitoring and verifying services offered by a business to ensure that it meets the requirements of the customers or clients.

Although QA can't assure the quality of the production process, it can improve customer service to make it more likely. The QA team in any organization mainly looks at two things. First is the product or service, which is the basic need of the customer or client. Second is whether the customer or client will prefer the product or service in the future. In other words, determining the market requirement of the product or service to attract the future traffic.

Most QA experts apply a trial and error method to ensure quality and reach the result that determines efficiency as well as reliability of the service. However, a lot of money and effort goes into quality analysis. Some people also feel that QA usually stretches the work, thereby delaying the whole process.

Four Methods To Ensure Quality Self Storage Business

Just as in any business, QA is necessary in the business of self storage. Experts suggest four steps for the quality assurance of the service. These four steps are planning, accomplishing, verifying, and implementing. However, the process of QA is slightly different in the business of warehousing. The following are some of the best methods to ensure quality in storage services:

Make A Test Plan

As stated above, QA process highly depends on the trial and error method. You need to draft a test plan assuming that the plan covers all areas in all circumstances. Although it is hard to devise a plan that can verify all aspects of a range of services offered by the warehouse, it is desirable to make it in a way that covers the wide spectrum. For instance, if a person keeps his belongings in your warehouse for more than three months, does he get it back as it was at the time of submission? It is possible that his goods get damaged or caught by moisture. It is, therefore, important to store goods in a unit for three months and test it in advance. Drafting a test plan makes it pretty easy for quality assurance team to kick-start the process.

Ensure Accountability

If the customer files a complaint for a service that goes through QA, it is a great defeat for the quality assurance team. In fact, customer dissatisfaction is the most debated issue when it comes to the efficiency of the QA team. The best way to avoid such an unwanted situation is to devise a proper customer acceptance test plan. Involve customers in your QA process and adopt methods to tackle the problems. This way the role of QA can easily be defined. Also, you can assure the quality.

Use Software

It is obvious that QA process involving humans always involves a huge amount of money and effort. Therefore, it is advisable to use software and automate the QA process. Although software can't replace manpower but they can increase the efficiency because most of the times software employ complex applications. Moreover, software has set standards to meet customer requirements.

However, make sure that the software is easy to understand and use, and it verifies within the set framework.

Process Management

Ensure that the process adopted for QA is flawless. Apart from the basic business management rules, you need to use statistics, market analysis, and graphics to make the QA process more efficient. The process should always be simple, quick, and executed properly to ensure quality service.

Quality assurance is the best technique to survive in the cutthroat competition in the business of warehousing. It not only builds up credibility of a storage unit, but also ensures long-term growth. However, it is imperative to adopt quick, easy, and systematic QA process; otherwise the whole idea of ​​quality verification gets defeated.

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